Pentwater Websites: Why They Matter

Guests to Pentwater do not visit to eat ice cream, buy t-shirts, or browse galleries – they do those things while they’re IN Pentwater. It’s an important distinction – the FIRST product of most Pentwater businesses is, collectively, Pentwater itself.

Much thought should always be given to how Pentwater is being marketed – especially online. The internet has swallowed up traditional marketing; if new guests discover Pentwater it will most likely happen on their phones or computers.

A Missed Opportunity

Currently there are only 4 websites that “sell” Pentwater online:

Unfortunately, the interest of local businesses to be featured in each has been minimal. Even the individual business pages on the Chamber website have often not received due attention from members.

This is a missed opportunity – it communicates a lackluster destination to potential guests, which simply isn’t true.

Why not just focus on the Chamber website?

The Chamber does an excellent job, but when you search “Pentwater Michigan” you’ll see 10 results on the 1st page of Google – the Chamber will only occupy 1 spot, with 9 other web pages taking the 9 remaining spaces. This digital real estate is valuable – any website that is actively promoting Pentwater & local business here is a GOOD thing!

Pentwater Capital Management, Wikipedia, Airbnb – these sites don’t sell Pentwater, but,, and absolutely do! These resources aren’t competition, they’re complimentary… and they certainly don’t take away from the Chamber.

The efforts of these privately owned websites should be encouraged and supported. Together these 4 websites receive over 500,000 pageviews per year – every business in town should be seeking featured listings in each.

It’s a better foot forward for the town – for everyone.

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