Pentwater Artisan Learning Center

780 East Park St, Pentwater
(231) 869-5323

The Pentwater Artisan Learning Center is operated entirely by volunteer members. Artisan Center members are expected to help with staffing, cleaning, and other operational duties.

Chartered not-for-profit, the Center was founded with the help and support of the Pentwater School Board, volunteers, and other donations.

Creative Projects

Wood Working
Metal Working
Basket Making
Glass Crafts


The purpose of the Artisan Learning Center is to learn and to teach, from Artisans to other Artisans, and to those who have little experience, but an interest in learning new crafts & skills.

Each group can work at their specialty in a safe and clean environment, using safe and dependable equipment.

The Facility

The Artisan Center is nearly 11,000 sqft of metal and woodworking shops, and classrooms for painting, pottery, glass crafts, weaving, basket making and more.

Some members bring their own supplies and enjoy an environment in which to create, socialize, learn, and share knowledge.