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pentwater boutiques & fashion.

The main street of Pentwater (Hancock) is lined with attractive boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants, and clothing stores. Visitors to the village will find numerous retail venues for purchasing casual and elegant clothing, resort apparel, souvenirs, beach and sports wear. Shoppers will find clothing for all tastes, ages, and genders throughout the town.

other shopping

108 Threads | 165S Hancock St, Pentwater | 231-869-3067
Grateful Thread Embroidery | 661 N Wythe St, Pentwater | 231-866-1340
Provisions Sports Shop | 347 S Hancock St, Pentwater | 231-869-4626
Rip Girl | 292 S Hancock St, Pentwater | 231-869-4863
Sunkissed Weekend Wear | 262 N Hancock St, Pentwater | 231-869-7700
Sassafras Tees | 298 S Hancock St, Pentwater | 231-869-4320